Benefits of Membership

  • Receive our newsletter, The Cooley Communiqué, published 2-4 times a year.
  • On-line access to all back issues of our newsletter, The Cooley Communiqué beginning in 1939
  • On-line access to The Cooley Scrapbook Collection of completely indexed Cooley-specific printed material.
  • Support of our Cooley surname DNA studies to identify individual branches and Old World origins of Cooley ancestors.
  • Access to our on-line database of Cooley genealogical information (currently over 38,000 people).
  • Access to our Cooley archive of data submitted by members since 1936.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals interested in Cooley genealogy.
  • Attend our biennial reunion.

Your membership supports our research and preservation efforts.

The CFAA Ancestor database: Members can access the combined genealogies of Cooley ancestors submitted through the application process. Each member submits his/her Cooley ancestors as far back as they have identified. This information is appended to the CFAA genealogy database and uploaded to the Members section of this web site in a fully searchable and hyperlinked format. Additionally, CFAA genealogy archive information is being added continuously as we record information from our paper files into the database. This is an excellent resource for members to assist them with expanding their family trees and directing their research.

We protect the privacy of our members by excluding all ancestors with birth dates within the most recent 100 years. The data have not been verified and researchers should consider this resource only as an assistance to their research. All information should be verified and documented by primary and reliable secondary sources.

One of the prized assets of the Association Digital Scrapbook Collection of news clippings, pictures, announcements, etc., all featuring Cooleys, Cooley descendants and/or Cooley connections. This collection was formerly only accessible through personal inspection of 10 scrapbooks in the possession of the Historian. This entire collection was digitized and indexed for on-line access by our members.

Membership comes in two categories; Ancestral and Associate. Ancestral Members are required to complete a lineage application detailing their descent from Cooley ancestors. Accurate and reliable documentation is requested in order for the Association files to be of maximum use to researchers in future generations. Associate Members are people interested in Cooley genealogy but have no Cooley ancestor – a spouse of a Cooley descendant is a good example. As of June 30, 2024, we will no longer be offering the term of Annual membership. All new members will be members for LIFE and will pay a $10.00 initiation fee and donate $100 to the Endowment Fund of the Association. All members, either Ancestral or Associate are eligible to vote on Association matters and participate fully in all the benefits of membership. If you have any questions regarding your membership please send an email to

The Association meets in different locations across the country every two years for three or four days toward the end of July. The purpose of the reunions is to enlist the interest of local Cooleys in the Association and from time to time visit spots of historical and genealogical interest to our Cooley members. It is an opportunity for “cousins” to gather and discuss common research interests. Over the past several years we have held meetings in Michigan, Ohio, Metropolitan Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts.

Prospective members and others interested in more information may address their letter to any of the officers of the Association


Membership Application

Download Application for Membership

Full instructions are included in the application file.

CFAA Memebrship Application Form (MS Word)

The form can be filled out on your computer. Alternatively the form can be printed and filled out by hand.

Membership application can be MAILED TO:

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: Please include a check for $110.00 ($10.00 one time initiation fee plus $100 donation to the Endowment Fund of the Association) made payable to CFAA.

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