Cooley Family Reunions

41st Biennial Cooley Family Association Reunion in 2020

From our President, Nancy Tinsley:

It is with great optimism that I write this president’s note concerning our family reunion for 2020. Let me tell you why I am optimistic. Although we are canceling our September 2020 Reunion in Albany, New York, due to concerns around the Corona Virus, we really are only postponing it. We might be rescheduling the reunion for a much safer time for all of our participants and family members. Some have even suggested that we might possibly have a keynote speaker online for a virtual reunion! Your board members conferenced at the end of April to vote on this course of action and will meet (telephonically) again in June to begin planning our alternate reunion date and format. Historically, the Cooley Family Association of America has only canceled a reunion once before and that was during World War II. Here is what was written in The Cooley Communiqué, Volume 4, from July 1942:

Due to the difficulties of travel imposed by the war, andguided by theexpressions of opinion received from a number of members of the Association, a majority of the executive board of the Association has decided that the Cooley Family Reunion and the Fourth BiennialMeeting of the Cooley Family Association, which has been planned for August, 1942, at Ann Arbor, Michigan, will not be held as planned. It is felt that all meetings of the Association should be canceled for the duration of the war.

Many of your board members are continuously cycling through information. For example, Chris Cooley, our CFAA e-Newseditor, lives in New York and takes the daily pulse of what is happening on the ground there. I guess we all know who Andrew Cuomo is now! Then there is Member At Large, Bob Skankey, MD, dedicated to keeping us updated from the medical perspective. Our prayers are with his son, who is also a doctor, and working the front lines. We would like to hear any ideas especially before our mid-June board conference call regarding our alternate reunion plans. Please feel free to contact any board member to contribute your ideas on how you might like an alternate reunion to look. We could try to reschedule our same itinerary but for 2021,or we could possibly do something online… or we could do something that we just haven’t thought of yet! So, get your ideas in so we can plan the best for all.

In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.

Nancy Tinsley
Interim President

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