The Cooley Communiqué

1939 – 2006
CD-ROM available

Back issues of The Cooley Communiqué are now available for purchase on CD-ROM.  A members-only price of $25 has been set and includes postage and handling.  Non-members pay $35.  Deliveries to Ohio addresses will be subject to the applicable Ohio sales tax.  Shipments to international destinations will incur a $10 per CD surcharge.  Please use the order form below to place your order.

The Cooley Communiqué began as a quarterly bulletin of the CFAA.  The first issue, Volume I, No. 1, was mailed to members in October 1939.  Quoted from page 1 of this issue:

“The bulletin will contain information of interest to the members of the Association – genealogical notes of Cooleys and allied families; the administrative progress of the Association; notices of future meetings, and other events of interest to the members.  Suggestions are asked for and correspondence with the editor will be welcomed.”

In Volume II, Number 4, July 1941, of The Cooley Communiqué the editor writes when describing the recently published book  The Cooley Genealogy:

“Dean Cooley does not claim for the Book a 100% accuracy or completeness.  He does urge everyone who has any additional material to send it to the Genealogist of the Cooley Family Association in order that it may be kept in the permanent files of the Association.  If the Book will inspire others to assist in the completion of the recorded genealogy of the Cooley family, Dean Cooley will be well satisfied.”

Members took Dean Cooley’s urging seriously.  For many years The Cooley Communiqué was the way members published supplemental information to The Cooley Genealogy.  The back issues include a treasure trove of Cooley-specific genealogical information not found elsewhere.  It was important to capture the information contained in these archive issues.  Technology has allowed us to scan the old issues, publish them to a CD, and make them available to CFAA members and others with an interest in Cooley genealogy.

The numbering system for The Cooley Communiqué is both straight-forward and confusing.  The bulletin began as a quarterly publication in October, January, April, and July.  The Editor was a volunteer, and periodically the volunteer changed.  This change was often associated with an increment to the Volume number.  If an issue was missed, the subsequent issue was numbered as though the previous issue was published.  This makes it difficult today to know whether we are missing an issue, or it never existed.

What is compiled on the CD is the complete set of issues known to exist.  They were scanned from the collections of the current President Jay M. Smith and the files of the Genealogist.  Indexes were created for some of the issues.  We have separate indexes for each volume from Volume IX to Volume XIV (October 1947 to January 1953), and Volume I and Volume II (October 1957 to July 1987).  The Index lists every name mentioned in the respective volume and the page(s) on which it is listed.  Names are listed alphabetically by given name for Cooleys, and surname for people other than Cooley.  [Are there any volunteers to create indexes for 1939 to 1947 and 1987 to present?  And then merge all indexes into a consolidated index?]

There are over 235 issues in high resolution files.  Easy to zoom in and still view a good quality image.  Buy the collection for your cousins, aunts/uncles, children, parents, etc. taking advantage of your membership discount.  What a great gift idea.

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